Thank you for visiting our website.  We are sorry to say that after careful consideration we have closed the company Valley Engineering LLC and stopped making the Back Yard Flyer.

After Grandpa (Gene) passed away in 2016 we decided we couldnít offer adequate customer support for the plane.  We still have all the tooling and jigs and have no plans to sell the design.  Also, we no longer make the Big Twin engine or any VW based engines.  We will continue to offer customer support for anyone who has a Back Yard Flyer or any of our engines, we are just not going to be in the manufacturing process anymore.

We appreciate all the support that has been shown for our little plane through the years. Grandpa loved designing and building and we were so grateful for the opportunity to get a few planes out into the aviation world and the opportunity for him to live out his aviation dream.
Thank you,
Alaina Lewis
August 19, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I find a used BYF?  They sometimes show up on Barnstormers.

Do you sell plans?  No, we cannot offer the customer support that is needed with plans.

Will you make just one on the side?  No.

How many did you make?  About 20 total.

What do you recommend instead of the BYF?  The Aerolite 103, you canít beat their price or support. The Legal Eagle is also a great one.