About Our Props
Culver Props, a division of Valley Engineering, LLC, was purchased in 2001 to continue offering the highest quality wooden propellers to the public. Gene and Larry Smith, owners of Valley Engineering, LLC, had used Culver Props on their own aircraft for some time and were so impressed with their performance and quality, they decided to buy the company after learning that it was ceasing production. The company and equipment were moved from Pennsylvania to Rolla, Missouri, where the manufacturing of these superior wooden propellers continues today. Special care is given to match the size and pitch of the prop to meet the customer's specific need. Each propeller is made of only the best northern hard maple and birch available, with each piece of wood being hand-selected specifically for the unit being made. It is then taken through the manufacturing process where it is hand-crafted by a skilled woodworker and carefully inspected before shipping. Such individual attention to each propeller ensures that the customer receives the best wooden propeller available on today's market. Call us today to find out more information about the Culver Prop that can give you the performance you are looking for! 

For us to better serve you and give you the best prop possible, please have the following information ready when you call or email us:
1. Bolt Pattern (there is no "standard" pattern between different engines.)
2. Bolt Size.
3. Rotation of Prop. (This can also be different between pusher and tractor aircraft.)
4. Center pilot hole diameter.
5. Ratio of reduction unit if applicable.
6. What cruise RPM and MPH are you desiring?