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Valley Engineering Introduces
The Back Yard Flyer UL
Tail Dragger and Tricycle gear available...

Tail Dragger


With its unique swing-wing storage capability, this aircraft opens up a whole new option for aircraft ownership. You won't need a big hangar with this aircraft. A long trailer will suffice and save you a ton of money in hangar rent. The BYF UL’s engine is a Big Twin engine WITH Valley Engineering Series Three PSRU, custom carved Culver propeller, starter and alternator. The plane will come equipped with a built-in BRS ballistic chute. The Back Yard Flyer UL also comes equipped with rudder-pedal-operated individual brakes.
This is a LEGAL part 103 Ultralight.
$19,500 open cabin ready to fly (fob, Rolla, Mo)
$20,000 enclosed ready to fly (fob, Rolla, Mo)
(full doors @ $500, half doors @ $300)
Delivery Available

Check out the NEW Tri-Gear Back Yard Flyer on Youtube


Enclosed cabin lengthens your flying season, doors can easily be removed in 60 sec for fair weather flying.  Enclosed version is ALSO part 103 LEGAL!!!

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Keep It Simple fool-proof control system. Smooth acting through all stick travel.

With the wing stowed, the length is 26 feet.

Valley Engineering's unique brake system make ground handling a breeze.

Fits easily into our custom-built 30 foot box trailer.

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All controls have smooth acting ball ends.

With the wing in its stowed position, the width is 83 inches.

And, of course, it comes with the quiet, smooth-running, gas-sipping four-stroke, Valley Engineering Big Twin engine.

Gene Smith was interviewed right after Oshkosh by Roy Beisswenger for his online Ultralight Radio Show. Roy and Gene talked about the Big Twin engine package and about building props. It's a heck of a good listen! jetwhine.jpg (4937 bytes)
Read the review from JetWhine
Read the article about the Back Yard Flyer and Big Twin engine that appeared in the December '06 Issue of EAA Sport Pilot Magazine